Colorado Channels VW Settlement toward Alt-Fuel Solutions

| USA, Washington DC | Source: Source: NGVAmerica

Encourages Officials to Maximize NOx Reductions by Investing in NG Technology for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles

Logo-USA_NGVAmericaNGVAmerica, the U.S. organization driving the use of natural gas as a clean, safe and abundant transportation fuel, applauds the State of Colorado for its development of a draft Volkswagen settlement environmental mitigation plan. The plan focuses on maximizing emission benefits for Colorado’s citizens and significantly increases the use of clean alternative fuel technologies like natural gas vehicles. Read more »

IVECO Stralis NP Joins Trans-Europe Blue Corridor Rally

| Spain, Lisbon

IVECO, a pioneer in Natural Gas technologies for the transport industry, is taking part in this year’s “Blue Corridor-2017: Iberia – Baltia’ Rally which kicked off from Lisbon yesterday. Through participation of the Stralis NP, the first natural gas truck specifically designed for long-haul operations that can run on Compressed or Liquid Natural Gas, IVECO aims to support the development of natural gas, which it views as the best and the only mature alternative fuel for a sustainable transport industry. Read more »

Skangas Milestone Achieved with LNG Bunkering at Sea

| Norway, Stavanger

Maiden Delivery Voyage for Ice-class LNG Bunker VesselNordic LNG supplier Skangas reports it’s Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) bunker vessel Coralius has for the first time bunkered to another vessel. The recipient vessel was a chemicals and oil tanker of the Swedish shipping company FureTank. The operation took place on international waters, Northern Kattegat, in the middle of the sea between Frederikshavn, Denmark and Gothenburg, Sweden. Read more »

California Approves $895 Million for Mobile-Source Emissions Reduction

| USA, Long Beach CA

Dedicates Cap & Trade Funds to Incentivize Purchase of Low-NOx Natural Gas Engines

In the U.S., the California state legislature passed a landmark series of bills late last week that provides $895 million towards programs that will reduce air pollution from mobile sources which are responsible for 40 percent of the state’s greenhouse gas emissions. Read more »

Gazprom Refuels Russian Railways Locomotives with LNG

| Russia, Yekaterinburg
Main-line gas turbine locomotive Russian Railways

Main-line gas turbine locomotive

Gazprom Gazomotornoye Toplivo, Gazprom’s distributor of natural gas for transportation, is fueling Russian Railways locomotives with liquefied natural gas (LNG) at the Egorshino station in the Sverdlovsk Region. There are currently three gas-powered vehicles in operation within the Egorshino – Serov-Sortirovochny section of Sverdlovsk Railway: a reciprocating gas engine switcher and two main-line gas turbine locomotives. Read more »

Dina CNG Buses Commence Operations in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

| Mexico, Ciudad Juárez

Dina Runner GThe government of Ciudad Juárez, the largest city in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, is advancing in its objective of strengthening quality public transportation. Earlier this month, it inaugurated 20 compressed natural gas buses manufactured by Mexico’s international bus manufacturer, Dina S.A. Read more »

Bioenergy Project Approved in Wisconsin

| USA, Madison WI
Dairy Cows

(Source: VFF)

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) approved a conditional $15 million ‘Focus on Energy’ grant to BC Organics, LLC for a bioenergy system in Brown County. The system will produce renewable natural gas from dairy farm manure and other waste, for use as transportation fuel or heat generation. Read more »

US DOE Releases Notice of Intent for NGV Engine R&D

| USA, Washington | Source: NGVAmerica

The U.S. Department of Energy has released a Notice of Intent, DE-FOA-0001812, for medium and heavy duty natural gas vehicle engine research and development. As explained by NGVAmerica, the national trade association dedicated to growing a sustainable NGV market, the program aims to address technical barriers to the adoption of natural gas vehicles. Read more »

High Horsepower (HHP) Summit: a Great Week planned for Jacksonville

| USA, Jacksonville FL
Tote Maritime LNG bunkering in port

LNG bunkering in Jacksonville (Image: TOTE Maritime)

The 2017 HHP Summit will convene industry leaders from the marine, mining, rail, and power generation sectors, November 6-9 at the Prime Osborn Convention Center in Jacksonville, Florida. Erik Neandross, CEO of event organiser Gladstein, Neandross and & Associates (GNA), told NGV Global News: “The market for natural gas in the off-road high horsepower space is getting really exciting right now, even in spite of the sustained price of oil around $50.” Read more »