Zhuzhou Plans CNG Stations and Riverside LNG Bunker Facility

| China: Zhuzhou | Source: Zhuzhou Evening News

Zhuzhou CNG refuelling (Hunan)Zhuzhou, a prefecture-level city of Hunan Province, plans to build 10 new natural gas vehicle refueling stations. As part of the Zhuzhou City Gas Development Plan, the Municipal Planning Bureau says three of the stations will be completed by 2020.

City planners accept that natural gas will play an important role in improving urban atmospheric environment, adjusting energy structure, and saving energy and reducing emissions. For that reason, Zhuzhou plans to increase refueling infrastructure to 18 stations by 2030.

In recent years, the number of gas vehicles and oil and gas vehicles in the city has gradually increased. For near-term planning, the daily gas consumption of natural gas vehicles is currently 88,000 cubic meters, and the daily planned gas consumption is 107,600 cubic meters, hence the drive to expand the number of filling stations.

Additionally, Zhuzhou is planning an LNG bunker facility on the Xiang River, at Tongtangwan Port, to meet the growing demand from adoption of Liquefied Natural Gas by waterborne transportation, in particular, vessels for sightseeing tours.

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