Zebulon Innovations Certified for Nissan CNG Conversion System

| USA, Ankeny IA

Nissan NV2500 Cargo VanZebulon Innovations, the exclusive North American importer and distributor of the Zavoli CNG Vehicle Conversion System, has gained the first EPA compliant CNG conversion system in the U.S. for Nissan. Zebulon targeted Nissan’s popular commercial line of fleet and passenger vans.

The Nissan EPA-compliant CNG bi-fuel conversion systems adds to Zavoli’s existing line of EPA compliant systems for IUL (Intermediate Useful Life). IUL is the EPA classification for vehicles that are two model years of age or older, but still within useful life in mileage. Fleets across the country are converting to CNG, an economical, clean burning, and domestically produced fuel.

Zebulon offers a complimentary fleet evaluation and estimated return on investment with no obligation. Despite continued low petroleum fuel prices there is a savings with CNG. The Zavoli system is value priced for the IUL market. Consider lower fuel prices and less vehicle maintenance. CNG also extends the life of your fleet because it burns clean, an important consideration in return on investment.

Lee Nelson, Director of Mechanical Operations for Zebulon stated, “This vehicle tested cleaner than any vehicle we have tested with the E.P.A. thus far. We see these vehicles all over the road. We look forward to converting them to operate on economical, clean-burning, domestic CNG”.

The Nissan CNG IUL EPA-compliant Bi-fuel Vehicle Conversion System covers Model Years 2012, 2013, 2014 – 4.0L – NV1500 Cargo Van / NV2500 Cargo Van / NV 3500 Passenger Van. (Bi-fuel means this vehicle is capable of operating on gasoline or compressed natural gas independent of the other.)

Having completed its task by passing EPA testing with flying colours, Zavoli is selling the converted Nissan NV2500 test vehicle, purchased specifically for proving EPA compliance. Contact Zebulon at 515.289.2121.

(Source: Zebulon Innovations)

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