ZAP Jonway Hybrid CNG SUV Targets Alt-Fuels Market

| USA, Santa Rosa CA
ZAP Jonway A380 SUV

ZAP Jonway A 380 SUV

ZAP Jonway, a new energy vehicle technologies┬ácompany headquartered in Santa Rosa, California is launching its first HYBRID CNG vehicle with Jonway Auto’s A 380 SUV. This new CNG SUV, named CN 380 is focused on the accelerating growth in CNG vehicles in many developing countries and in the United States. The HYBRID CNG engine in the CN 380 seamlessly allows the driver to utilize the regular gasoline engine when the CNG fuel is depleted, and also automatically uses the gasoline as fuel to run the engine when it is in a cold start state and the engine is warming up.

The CNG tank capacity is the same as the gasoline tank, thus offering the driver double the amount of fuel available, inclusive of the existing gasoline tank which is used as the backup.

ZAP Jonway is leveraging on the mature A380 SUV platform to offer two models for its CN 380. CN 380 SUV comes in either 1.6 L or 2.0 L for manual transmission or the 1.8 L for both automatic as well as manual transmission.

There is a growing demand for alternative energy vehicles in many South American countries, especially with the escalating cost of gasoline fuel. The savings in fuel cost by going to CNG is estimated to be around 60% to 65%. China is also opening up the market for CNG in many of its southern provinces.

ZAP Jonway is now marketing and promoting this CNG product line for its international market, targeting South America initially where CNG fueling stations are popular; with the goal of addressing the U.S. market at some time in the future when the vehicle is fully type approved for the U.S.

(Source: ZAP Jonway)
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