WGC 2018 ‘Transportation Driven by Gas Award’ Part of Event’s Rich NGV Offering

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ANGP PHANGV Technology Ford 2018 F-150Adsorbed Natural Gas Products, Inc. (ANGP) is to be a proud recipient of the 2018 World Gas Conference ‘Innovation Award for the Transportation Driven by Gas’ segment for the company’s PHANGV® technology. This and a content rich with opportunities to learn more about natural gas for transportation applications  demonstrates the IGU’s commitment to engage downstream stakeholders.

The award will be presented during the Washington D.C. Conference on Thursday June 28, 2018 at the Award Ceremony Part II from 1:10 pm through 2:25 pm, taking place in the Technology & Innovation Center on the Exhibit Floor.  WGC 2018 will take place from June 25, 2018 through June 29, 2018 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C.

ANGP, together with its partner Ingevity Corporation, will be exhibiting the PHANGV® (plugin hybrid adsorbed natural gas vehicle) technology installed on a 2018 Ford F150. The technology employs the science of adsorption to provide enough on-board natural gas storage at low pressure for a typical daily operational range. The exhibit will be in Booth 707 on the Conference Exhibition Floor.

“We are extremely humbled to be recognized by the global natural gas community for our low-pressure technology that is geared to economically reducing greenhouse gas emissions from larger frame light duty vehicles, such as large SUVs, pick-up trucks and vans,” said Bob Bonelli, President and CEO of ANGP.  He added, “low-pressure operation is the key to economic and highly reliable private fueling, which enables the use of clean burning natural gas on these large platform light duty vehicles that is far superior to electrification in cost, weight and range.”

PHANGV attributes and advantages

A better environment

  • The power and reliability of the internal combustion engine
  • 75% reduction in carbon monoxide emissions*
  • 55% reduction in volatile organic compounds*
  • 50% reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions*
  • Up to 30% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions*
  • Environmental friendly regardless of energy used to supply the power grid
  • A “life of vehicle” storage system
  • The convenience and affordability of private fueling
    *Source: Southern California Gas Company; and the 2008 TIAX, LLC Report Well-To-Wheels (prepared for the California Energy Commission)

Advantages of the bi-fuel PHANGV®

  • Economic GHG reduction for large frame light duty vehicles (large SUVs; pick-up trucks; vans)
  • Requires only a conventional internal combustion engine
  • Flexible capacity depending on storage configuration
  • Total storage system weight (including the natural gas) 53 lbs. per GGE (est.)
  • Estimated to cost less that USD 5,000 (including the engine set-up, when provided by an automotive OEM)
WGC 2018 - LogoWGC 2018 NGV Content

The IGU’s message is that by increasing the use of natural gas in the power generation and transport sectors, quality of life will be greatly enhanced, a message reflected in the program content for WGC 2018. NGV Global is the initiator and convenor of the session Global Opportunities in the Transportation Market. Diego Goldin, Executive Director for NGV Global, will lead a panel of experts in the exploration of this theme as it relates to land and sea mobility and a sustainable energy future.

In addition to this session there are several other NGV-related presentations at WGC 2018. See a brief summary on NGV Global News.

Source: Adapted from an ANGP press release

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