VW Golf 2013 to include Natural Gas Variant

| Germany

Volkswagen’s MQB component design

Volkswagen is expanding its range of gas-powered vehicles with the introduction of compressed natural gas variant for the high-selling VW Golf; 2013 will see a bi-fuel compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered Golf coming to market. The Golf VII will be part of Volkswagen’s new generation of vehicles utilising its MQB (trans. Modular Transverse Matrix)¬†technology, which allows for a variety of transverse, front-engined, front-wheel drive models to be designed using the same set of components.

The EcoFuel version is based on a 1.4 liter engine that can be operated on either natural gas or gasoline delivering 81 kW or 110 hp. According to plans for the new model, the 50 liter petrol tank remains in place and is supplemented with two natural gas cylinders that are mounted under the floor. The natural gas delivers a driving range of approximately 420 kilometres, extended to 1,300 kilometres utilising the bi-fuel option.

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