VTG and Chart Ferox to Build LNG Rail Car Prototypes for Bulk Transport

| Germany, Hamburg and Czech Republic, Dĕčin

Chart Ferox Bulk LNG Tank for RailVTG Aktiengesellschaft, a European wagon hire and rail logistics company collaborating with Chart Ferox, manufacturer of storage, transport, and distribution systems for liquefied air and natural gases, plan to build two prototype units for the safe and economical carriage of LNG by rail. Through this collaboration VTG and Chart Ferox will develop and construct Europe’s first LNG rail car prototypes.

VTG is responsible for the development and the final completion of the two prototypes including obtaining the necessary permissions and railway specific approval. Final assembly of the LNG railcar will take place at Waggonbau Graaff in Elze (Germany), VTG’s innovation platform. The cryogenic parts, vessels and cabinets, will be built at Chart Ferox facility in Czech Dĕčin.

The prototypes will be completed by the end of 2014 and subsequently undergo a rigorous testing and approval process.

Two rail tank cars replace four trucks or five 40’ ISO containers on the roads. That means fewer traffic jams, lower environmental impacts, and lower costs.

(Source: Chart Ferox)

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