Volvo Delivers VNM Daycab With ISL G Natural Gas Engine to North American Market

| USA, Pittsburgh PA

Talon Logistics refuels new Volvo VNM with natural gas

Giant Eagle Takes Delivery of 10 Trucks for Pittsburgh, Opens Fuelling Stations

Volvo Trucks North America has expanded its commitment to environmental care and energy security through the introduction of a natural gas-powered Volvo VNM daycab, beginning with a delivery of 10 natural gas powered VNM daycabs to Talon Logistics, the transportation division of Giant Eagle, Inc., a multi-format food and fuel retailer with stores in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Maryland. The natural gas option is described as ideal for port drayage, pickup and delivery applications, grocery and beverage haulers, or any private fleet concerned about CO2 emissions.

“Localized or closed-loop operations present a great opportunity for companies to utilize our nation’s abundant domestic supply of natural gas,” said Ron Huibers, senior vice president – sales and marketing. “Volvo is already delivering the cleanest trucks in the world in terms of regulated emissions, and now we’re offering an alternative fuel option to move our nation’s goods while emitting less CO2.”

Powering the VNM daycab is an 8.9-liter, 320 hp, 1,000 lb.-ft. torque Cummins Westport ISL G engine that uses cost-effective, clean-burning compressed (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG), producing NOx emissions of 0.2 gm/bhp-hr and PM Emissions of 0.01 gm/bhp-hr. The heavy-duty engine features maintenance-free after treatment, and satisfies EPA and CARB 2010 and Euro EEV emission standards.

Giant Eagle, Inc. has also unveiled its first two compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations in the Pittsburgh area. At the press briefing, Giant Eagle officials demonstrated the new CNG technology by fueling one of the Volvo custom-equipped delivery trucks, as well as passenger vehicles at the area’s first publicly accessible CNG fueling station.

“We are dedicated to doing business in the most sustainable manner possible across all of our business operations,” said Giant Eagle Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer John Lucot. “Our efforts have been greatly advanced with the help of others, and we give thanks to the local and state officials here today as well as to our allies at Volvo Trucks and EQT who partnered with us to make these facilities possible.”

Giant Eagle’s 10 new CNG fleet vehicles will displace more than 100,000 gallons of diesel fuel during the fleet station’s first year of operation alone.

“Until now, there have been no viable alternative fuel options for heavy-duty delivery trucks with the necessary level of power required to navigate the region’s hilly and mountainous terrain,” said Giant Eagle Vice President of Logistics Bill Parry. “To continue evolving our environmentally friendly fleet, Giant Eagle worked closely with Volvo to design the 10 new CNG vehicles here today with an 8.9 liter Cummins engine as the first of their kind in the commercial transportation industry.”

Pennsylvania State officials hope the launch will help kick start greater commercial and consumer adoption of fuel technology that will benefit the environment and support Pennsylvania’s in-state natural gas industry.

CNG is sold in gasoline gallon equivalents (GGEs), with each GGE having the same energy content as a gallon of gasoline. Vehicles using CNG typically have similar fuel economy ratings to standard gasoline or diesel vehicles. Based on current market pricing, Giant Eagle will likely introduce the fuel for sale to consumers between $1.90 and $2.00 per GGE. The self-service station for passenger vehicles will be open 24/7 and will accept major credit cards. First time users of CNG can watch a video of how to properly fuel their CNG powered vehicle right at the station.

This story primarily compiled using information supplied by Volvo Trucks North America and Golden Eagle.

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