Volkswagen Developing New NGVs

| Germany

An article published online by highlights the ongoing commitment of the Volkswagen Group to produce natural gas vehicles (NGVs). Medium published an interview with Dr. Jens Andersen, Group CEO for Natural Gas Mobility, who explains Volkswagen’s promotion of alt-fuel technology doesn’t just rest with E-mobility. NGV development stands alongside EV as ‘ecologically equivalent’ prime pillars of focus for the global auto manufacturer.

According to Andersen:

  • Attractive CNG vehicles will stimulate vehicle adoption by corporations
  • Engines that operate on natural gas are able to also operate on 100% renewable natural gas (biomethane) and e-gas, unlike some alt-fuels where considerable engineering intervention is required to increase the renewable fuel percentage.
  • Affordable NGVs are available right now, and represent an economic ecological choice for buyers waiting for EV’s to drop in price.
  • Volkswagen has much to learn from studying the current Italian action plan, a collaboration between the automotive manufacturers and gas suppliers, which calls for a tripling of NGV numbers and doubling of natural gas filling stations.
Caddy TGI 2016

VW Caddy TGI BlueMotion

Andersen says not enough has been done to promote the NGV message. In his view, marketing needs to promote the environmental profile of natural gas as a fuel for transportation, especially for renewable methane. Even at a base level, methane is the cleanest burning of all hydrocarbon fuels, making a significant contribution to air pollution and climate protection. Virtually CO2-neutral fuel is available as biomethane, renewable natural gas, BioCNG and other names in several countries.

In a ‘watch this space’ comment, Dr. Andersen said Volkswagen is currently preparing ‘new marketing and mobility concepts’, especially for metropolitan regions, that fleet operators in particular will find attractive.

Original Article: (29 November 2016) available here (in German)

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