Vibrant NGV Industry in China

| China

LNG refueling (CNPC)The Chinese natural gas vehicle market has stepped up a gear according to a Kunlun Energy press release about last week’s 14th China International Natural Gas Vehicles, Filling stations and Equipment Exhibition and Forum in Beijing, with more NGVs, more filling stations and greater momentum. According to reported statistics, 446 new filling stations commenced operation in the past year, with the total reaching 2,784, an increase of 19% over the previous year. Liquefied Natural gas (LNG) stations accounted for 22.8% of that total.

473,000 new natural gas vehicles have been added to the national fleet, the total population of which has reached 1,577,000, an increase of 40% over the previous year. LNG-fuelled vehicles number over 71,000. Natural gas vehicles consumed 12.6 billion cubic meters of gas, the output value of about 470 billion yuan (USD 76.4 billion).

Rao Chuan, Secretary-General of the China Natural Gas Vehicle Industry Association summarized the characteristics of the natural gas vehicle industry in China over the past year: (1) market development is gathering pace; (2) there is a substantial increase in natural gas trade; (3) the natural gas vehicle industry chain is gradually improving; (4) technology breakthroughs are occurring; and (5) local government policy support is emerging.

Kunlun Energy Company Ltd, controlled by PetroChina Company Ltd, owns two LNG receiving terminals, 19 commissioned or in-construction LNG plants and 424 LNG filling stations.

(Source: Kunlun Energy)

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