V ExpoGNC Inaugurates Blue Corridor Event

| Argentina

V ExpoGNC 2011 - the Blue Corridor route

CNG will replace diesel on a heavy and medium-duty vehicles long-distance route

16 heavy and medium-duty vehicles originally operating on diesel and switched to run on compressed natural gas (CNG), will cover 1,500 km of routes key to freight transport across Argentina in a show of efficiency, cost saving and ecology – all part of the newly inaugurated Argentine section of the Bioceanic Blue Corridor Project from the MERCOSUR that will join Valparaíso, Buenos Aires and Río de Janeiro. The latter three already have basic CNG refuelling infrastructure along the route.

The initiative is part of the actions related to the International Conference on NGV & Other Gaseous Fuels and the V ExpoGNC 2011, which will take place on November 10-12 in La Rural.

The departure of the convoy is scheduled for November 8th from the city of Mendoza, Argentina,. It will head east towards Villa Maria in Córdoba, then down to the major port of Rosario before culminating at the La Rural Trade Centre in Buenos Aires. Vehicles from Scania, VW, Mercedes, Fiat, Renault, Kia and others will pass through the different cities and will arrive in Buenos Aires on November 9th.

Apart from OEM dealers the event is also supported by gas distribution companies such as Gas Natural Fenosa and Litoral Gas, which have teamed up with companies from the CNG sector like Esigas, Kioshi, Galileo, and Pelmag.

“It is the first time in 26 years that the CNG industry organizes an activity of this kind. We are pioneers and we are proving it”, said Fausto Maranca, president of the CAGNC (Argentine Chamber for CNG).

(Editor Note: MERCOSUR is an economic and political agreement between Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay)


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