Utah Concrete Supplier Invests $8 Million in CNG

| USA, Murray UT

Geneva Rock Ribbon-Cutting Natural Gas

Utah ready-mix concrete supplier Geneva Rock Products has invested more than $8 million to create an eco-friendly fleet and on-site fuel supply, one of the largest air quality investments made by any construction company in the state of Utah.. It has a new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) filling station in South Salt Lake able to fuel all 25 of its new CNG Ready-Mix Concrete Trucks.

The company says the new cleaner-running CNG fleet has significantly lower emissions than its diesel counterparts: 50% less fine particulate matter and 90% less carbon monoxide. Geneva Rock is the first ready-mix contractor to own and operate a natural gas filling station in the state of Utah.

“We all share ownership and responsibility for Utah’s air quality. We applaud Geneva Rock for leading its industry by making this significant investment in new clean natural gas concrete trucks to help contribute to a better air quality solution,” said Ted Wilson, executive director at Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR). “There is no silver bullet to solving Utah’s air quality, but every small change adds to a collective bigger step toward better health, a better economy and better overall quality of life for all of us.”

(Source: Geneva Rock Products)

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