US Natural Gas Investment Rolls On


In addition to major stories covered elsewhere by NGV Global there are several stories in the media each week about new infrastructure or new fleets or new technology for natural gas vehicles in the US. Three examples follow that involve take-up of natural gas by bus and taxi fleets.

  • The North County Transit District (NCTD) of Oceanside, California has received a federal grant toward the purchase 12 new buses powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), reports 760kfmb. Replacing older diesel buses, the new vehicles will arrive in 2012. The agency has a backlog of 30 such older buses it wants to take off the road. The $4.6 million grant from the Federal Transit Administration requires a 20 percent matching grant from regional Transnet tax revenues to bring the total award up to nearly $5.8 million. NCTD already has 90 CNG buses.and 90 by compressed natural gas.
  • Robert DeLucia, owner of Cranberry Taxi Service  located in Mars, Pennsylvania, has signed up to buy 25 new compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered taxi cabs, reports Post Gazette. The company received USD 269,000 from the state Department of Environmental Protection to assist with purchasing the taxis.  DeLucia estimates annual fuel savings of around USD 78,000.
  • Central Ohio Transit Authority plans to buy only CNG buses from 2013, aiming to secure federal grants to help fund the transition from diesel, reports The Columbus Dispatch. Officials say they see little downside in a planned switch to buses that run cheaper, quieter and cleaner on natural gas. Plans include a fuelling facility.
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