US Mid-Atlantic Region Fleets Get Natural Gas

| USA, Seal Beach CA

Clean Energy expands natural gas fuel network in eastern states

Clean Energy Fuels Corp. has partnered with Quarles Petroleum, Inc., a major Mid-Atlantic fleet fuel station operator, to add natural gas fueling services at selected Quarles station locations. Quarles operates approximately 125 fueling stations that are available 24/7 to serve its commercial vehicle fleet customers in strategic urban areas of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and North Carolina. Quarles’ customers have exclusive access to the stations by using company-issued charge cards for fuel purchases. Initially, Clean Energy expects to add natural gas fueling capability at several existing Quarles stations in the Richmond, Virginia and the Washington Dulles International Airport areas.

Ben Wafle, President, Quarles Petroleum, said, “Many of our customers are interested in natural gas-powered vehicles for their fleets. In response, we have partnered with Clean Energy, the nation’s leading supplier of natural gas fuel for transportation, to meet our customer needs for natural gas fuel.”

Greg Roche, Vice President, National Accounts & Infrastructure, Clean Energy, said, “We welcome the opportunity to partner with Quarles and congratulate it on the decision to provide this added service to customers. With the expanding availability of light, medium and heavy-duty natural gas vehicles, fleet operators across the nation are transitioning to natural gas power. Among their goals are reducing costs, adding fuel diversity to their fleets, curtailing harmful emissions, and helping reduce America’s dependence on imported oil.”

Currently priced up to $1.50 or more per gallon lower than diesel or gasoline (depending upon local markets), the use of natural gas fuel reduces costs significantly for vehicle and fleet owners, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions up to 30% in light-duty vehicles and 23% in medium to heavy-duty vehicles. Additionally, natural gas is a secure North American energy source with 98% of the natural gas consumed produced in the U.S. and Canada.

(This article compiled using information from a Clean Energy Fuels Corp. press release)

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