US EPA Approval Of Dual-Fuel CNG System for Detroit Diesel 12.7L S60 Engine

| USA, Torrance CA
Freightliner fitted with Landi Renzo dual-fuel system ready for ride-and-drive at NGVAmerica event next week.

Freightliner fitted with Landi Renzo dual-fuel system ready for ride-and-drive at NGVAmerica event next week.

Landi Renzo USA, a provider of automotive natural gas systems, has gained EPA OUL (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Outside Useful Life) approval of its dual-fuel (diesel and natural gas) system for factory re-manufactured Pre-EGR Detroit Diesel S60 12.7L engines, for heavy duty trucks. The latest generation Landi Renzo dual-fuel system injects natural gas after the turbo/intercooler and a computer controls the exact balance of natural gas and diesel fuels, to achieve maximum performance, efficiency, and economy.

This advanced dual-fuel system allows operators of over the road trucks to take full advantage of the environmental and economic benefits of natural gas as a transportation fuel. With a growing network of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) stations throughout the U.S., the proprietary system allows operators to displace the majority of their diesel fuel usage with natural gas, resulting in:

  • Average fuel displacement up to 60%
  • Noise reduction up to 40%
  • Particulate matter reduction up to 40%
  • CO2 reduction up to 14%
  • Smoke reduction up to 50%

“Not only does this expand our current clean fuel product offering, but also it further promotes the increased use of natural gas as a fuel and moves us further down a path of energy independence in the United States,” says Andrea Landi, Landi Renzo USA President.


  • Performance comparable to the original Pre-EGR engine in terms of torque, horsepower, drivability, and economy
  • Maintains and improves the emission levels of the original engine
  • Flexibility for adaptation to different diesel engines
  • Ability to switch back to 100% diesel if needed
  • Requires less CNG storage compared to a dedicated CNG vehicles
  • Extended range compared to original diesel system

While this specific dual-fuel CNG system is new to the U.S. market, Landi Renzo has successfully deployed this technology globally on applications that include Fiat, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Ford, Hyundai and Renault diesel engines.

(Source: Landi Renzo USA)

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