U.S. DOE Approves High-Volume CNG Transportation Module

| USA, Lincoln NE

Hexagon Composites SMARTSTORE CNG transport module A new gas transportation module has been approved for operation in the United States by the US DOT (Department of Transportation). According to manufacturer Hexagon Lincoln, their newest Mobile Pipeline® product offers the highest compressed natural gas (CNG) volume of any 20 ft container transporting up to 245,000 scf (6,910 scm), with a total water volume of 23,175 liters. It is also suitable for transporting compressed hydrogen gas (CHG).

According to the Hexagon Composites susbsidiary, the main advantage of the SMARTSTORE® technology is a high rate of gas flow from a low weight, compact module, making it ideal for transporting energy gases by road, rail and sea. Containing larger cylinders than previous modules achieves greater volume with fewer tanks and connections. Horizontal mounting of up to 15 MAGNUMTM tanks sized to the entire length of the module ensures easy access to plumbing and reduces maintenance costs.

“USDOT approval allows North American customers to take advantage of lower capital expenditures for clients requiring a smaller footprint than our TITAN® trailer,” says Frank Häberli, Vice President, Mobile Pipeline® division. “We are pleased to provide off-pipeline customers a full range of competitive, lightweight, bulk-hauling options for clean-burning natural gas, biomethane and hydrogen.”

Virtual pipeline solutions for fleet operations enables refuelling facilities to be located at the point of operation or demand independent of existing natural gas pipeline.

The new module was designed and tested in accordance with the United States Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) Special Permit 14951, and reviewed by an independent inspection agency. It also has American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) approval for operation in Latin America, Asia and Africa. In Europe, the Company offers an ADR/TPED approved version.

(Source: Hexagon Composites)

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