Unprecedented Demand for Natural Gas Fueling Solutions Necessitates Expansion for CVS

| USA, West Nyack NY

Clean Vehicle Solutions, LLC (CVS), an end-to-end Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) solutions provider supporting fleet operations, has moved to new, larger facilities to accommodate unprecedented growth in the demand for natural gas fueling systems in passenger vehicles as well as conversions of Class 2 – Class 8 trucks. The new state of the art facility, located in West Nyack, NY, is designed specifically to convert traditional gas/diesel fueled vehicles to CNG fueled systems, providing ability to deliver a wide range of vehicles and manage production far more efficiently, explained Dean Sloane, Managing Director of CVS.

According to Mr. Sloane, “We completely outgrew the facility we were using in East Brunswick, years ahead of schedule. Our new West Nyack, NY offices and production plant will better position Clean Vehicle Solutions, LLC to escalate the production of all types of CNG vehicles for fleets – reducing costs and environmental impact – as well as helping to build the infrastructure critical to keeping these vehicles on the road.”

“Now, with an annual production capacity of more than 5,000 vehicles – in all categories, including large trucks, Clean Vehicle Solutions is a company that is in a unique position to provide an extremely competitive one-stop source for complete CNG solutions, to fleets looking to leverage CNG to improve profitability and environmental stewardship,” said Vice President of Marketing Pat Charla.

(This article compiled using information from a Clean Vehicle Solutions press release)

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