UK’s Gasrec Partners with B&Q to Fuel Liquid Biomethane Dual-Fuel Lorries

| United Kingdom, London
Mercedes Actros - B&Q Feet vehicles operating on Liquid Biomethane

Mercedes Actros – B&Q Feet vehicles operating on Liquid Biomethane

Gasrec, the UK’s first commercial producer of Liquid Biomethane (LBM), is to provide home improvement retailer B&Q with eco-friendly fuel for a fleet of 50 dual-fuel lorries under a new partnership. The fuel used to power the lorries comprises 60 percent biomethane, the natural green source of renewable energy produced from organic matter such as household food waste and sewage. The use of this natural gas on the UK’s roads helps to reduce pollution and cut waste.

B&Q is committed to reducing its CO2 emissions from business travel and haulage to 50 percent by 2023, and is already well advanced toward that target with current operations at 36 percent. The introduction of the 50 new dual-fuel tractor units at the facility follows a successful trial last year. The 25 Mercedes and 25 Volvo units are powered by Gasrec’s Bio-LNG – a proprietary blend of liquid biomethane (LBM) and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

To reduce travel carbon emissions by a further 11 percent, the home improvement retailer has now received a  planning consent to invest in its own biomethane gas filling station at the Swindon Distribution Centre. The facility will be supplied, serviced and maintained by Gasrec.

Commenting on the partnership, Gasrec’s commercial development manager Doug Leaf said: “B&Q has taken the lead in utilising what is now a widely available fuel in the UK which delivers savings in both cash and carbon terms. The combination of B&Q’s desire to achieve its environmental goals while saving money with Gasrec’s low carbon, future-proof fuel solution is now becoming best practice amongst other retailers.”

Last year B&Q was awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award and named Retail Week’s Responsible Retailer of the Year for its work in creating a more sustainable business and helping customers create greener homes as part of its One Planet Home programme. The introduction of dual-fuel lorries will continue to help the retailer build on this success.

(Source: Gasrec)

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