UK Telematics Co. Upgrades to Alt-Fuel and Dual-Fuel

| United Kingdom, Nottingham

Microlise Telematics Driver ViewMicrolise, a Nottingham-based transport management solution provider in the UK, has upgraded its telematics services to provide detailed primary and secondary fuel level information in readiness for a potential growth in demand for alternative and dual-fuel vehicles. The new reports provide usage data in the vehicle’s native unit of measurement and also convert the information into a gasoline equivalent to enable easy comparison.

“Alternative fuel vehicles, including those operating with dual fuel, are likely to become more appealing to transport service providers if and when crude prices rise once again,” said Matthew Hague, Executive Director – Product Strategy. “Several fleets have already trialled or begun operations with dual fuel and we want to ensure we have a product available now to support fleets as the technology becomes more mainstream.”

“We are seeing more government initiatives to encourage low emission vehicles, with dual-fuel technology being out in the lead as one of the best ways to achieve this,” added Hague.

(Source: Microlise Limited)



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