UK DfT Report Makes Recommendation for Use of Methane and Biomethane in HGVs

| United Kingdom
Gasrec HGV Filling Station, UK

Gasrec launched Britain’s first Bio-LNG filling station in May 2013.

The UK Department for Transport (DfT)’s Low Emission HGV Task Force has published a new report – Recommendations on the use of
methane and biomethane in HGVs.  According to the Report’s Foreword, the Task Force considers that a key action to help reduce carbon emissions from freight operations and contribute to meeting the targets set out in the Carbon Plan is to increase the use of natural gas and biomethane in HGVs.

The Task Force highlights that in doing so, there are wider benefits including lower fuel costs for operators, improved energy security (through less reliance on diesel) and potential reductions in air pollution.

To achieve a substantial switch to gas the Task Force considers that the Government should describe a clear framework and strategy for the role of methane in HGV fuels, taking account of wider government policies on all alternative fuels used for road transport. To undertake this transition, the Task Force makes several recommendations that include removing financial and legislative barriers, measures to facilitate implementation and delivery, and improving the evidence base.

All 15 recommendations are contained in the DfT report available by clicking here.

The DfT’s Low Emission HGV Task Force recommendations have received full support from the Freight Transport Association (FTA). They state that the increased adoption and use of biomethane in heavy goods vehicles will take the utilisation of gas in the freight industry from small scale to mainstream use.

The move towards gas powered HGVs with either liquefied natural gas (LNG) or compressed natural gas (CNG) and ultimately biomethane will ensure that the freight sector can contribute to national government carbon reduction targets whilst delivering essential goods and services. An increase in the utilisation of gas-powered HGVs will also help improve air quality in towns and cities, the FTA adds.

Rachael Dillon, Climate Change Policy Manager said: “The Task Force recommendations show that government, key stakeholders and industry can work together to significantly increase the take-up of gas HGVs. It is vital that we now build momentum and ensure that the recommendations transfer into actions.”

(Source: DfT and FTA)

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