U.S. Workshop to Look at NGV Research Roadmap

| USA, Sacramento CA
Report: NGV Market Share in California 2013

NGV Market Share in California 2013

In the United States, California Energy Commission (CEC) staff will conduct a public workshop with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to solicit public feedback and input on the 2015 Natural Gas Vehicle Research Roadmap (Draft). This workshop will present stakeholders the 2015 Natural Gas Vehicle Research Roadmap (Draft) and solicit public feedback on the research initiatives and priorities presented in the Roadmap.

The workshop will occur on Tuesday, March 8, 2016 at CEC in Sacramento.

CEC states California’s growing population and economic demands have increased reliance on imported petroleum for transportation use. Growing demand for petroleum worldwide makes uncertain the state’s ability to continue importing petroleum in the long term without incurring greater price and supply instability. To respond to these issues and to support vehicle technologies that address California’s goals to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and increase use of alternative fuels, the Energy Commission developed the 2015 Natural Gas Vehicle Research Roadmap.

The roadmap serves as a guiding document to describe the strategic research, development, demonstration, and deployment needed to enhance the viability of the natural gas vehicle market in California. The roadmap’s recommendations serve the needs of key policies and programs related to alternative fueling infrastructure, including California’s legislative mandates on alternative fuels and vehicles, such as Assembly Bill 118 (2007) and Assembly Bill 8 (2013).

The recommended research, development and demonstration (RD&D) priorities from the roadmap were identified through natural gas vehicle stakeholder input and literature review. The roadmap also lists key research initiatives based on RD&D gap analyses that act as barriers to natural gas vehicle viability.

The report updates the 2009 Natural Gas Vehicle Research Roadmap. Changes between 2009 and 2014 are discussed to provide a context for the natural gas vehicle market and necessary research.  The report includes research recommendations on 1) range and storage, 2) engine performance and availability, 3) vehicle emission and environmental performance and 4) analysis and information sharing.

The 2015 report describes the benefits to California: “As a transportation fuel, natural gas could offset over 750 million gallons of diesel per year by 2022, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 4 million metric tons per year and saving the state approximately $1.35 billion in fueling costs annually”.

Visit www.energy.ca.gov to access the 2015 Natural Gas Vehicle Research Roadmap (Draft).

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