U.S. Oil Builds CNG Filling Station Network

| USA, Appleton WI

GAIN Clean FuelU.S. Oil has acquired six compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations from Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based We Energies. The stations bring the total to eight GAIN® Clean Fueling stations located in Wisconsin. In addition to the acquisition, a ninth GAIN station, currently under construction in Green Bay, will be open for service in April.

The availability of CNG fueling stations has been a key factor in the number of trucking companies using the alternative fuel. CNG trucks have a limited mileage range per tank of gas. “This places limits on where CNG trucks can be used because they have to remain within a certain distance of a fueling station,” said Mike Koel, Vice President of Business Development for U.S. Oil. “By linking markets, the service becomes more regionalized, allowing for regional trucking companies to take advantage of this fuel alternative.”

“We believe CNG is the fuel of the future and U.S. Oil is committed to making it a realistic and successful fuel alternative,” Koel explains. “CNG provides a more cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fuels and our goal is to create a network of stations that link markets, allowing more trucking companies to utilize CNG.”

All the stations are equipped with the quick fuel design so the time it takes to fill a CNG tank is similar to the time it would take to fill a conventional diesel fuel tank.

In addition to the acquisition, U.S. Oil is seeking to locate additional GAIN Clean Fueling stations in Wisconsin and throughout the nation. “Our goal is to create a network of GAIN stations throughout the United States for the trucking industry and individual CNG vehicles owners to utilize,” Koel said.

(Source: Gain Clean Fuel)

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