U.S. DOE to Introduce NGV Roadmap to Kazakhstan

| USA and Kazakhstan

200 new compressed natural gas (CNG) fueled buses for deployment in 2011

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is hosting a Clean Cities Transportation Workshop for Almaty, to be held 30-31st March 2011 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The event is a first step in introducing an implementation ‘roadmap’ to support a newly developing Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) strategy for Almaty City and Kazakhstan. It also will be used to introduce a wide range of information about NGVs, including global NGV development, vehicles and fueling segments, and standards and regulations.

An NGV roadmap for Kazakhstan

DOE will be working with stakeholders in Almaty to create an NGV roadmap especially for its project in Almaty. Almaty city officials, the Kazakhstani government, and gas company Kaztransgas are working to develop codes and standards for natural gas vehicles and infrastructure as well as training needs. The U.S. Department of Energy, Argonne National Laboratory, and Clean Fuels Consulting are using the experience of the successful Clean Cities program to develop a roadmap for these stakeholders.

DOE’s Clean Cities program advances U.S. economic, environmental, and energy security by supporting local decisions to adopt practices that contribute to the reduction of petroleum consumption. Clean Cities has a network of nearly 100 volunteer coalitions, which develop partnerships in the public and private sectors to promote alternative and renewable fuels, fuel economy measures, idle reduction technologies, and new technologies as they emerge.

To develop the roadmap, DOE is compiling input from a range of stakeholders including the Almaty city government (the Akimat), KazTransGas, the national Kazakhstan natural gas company, British Gas Kazakhstan (which built the first CNG fuelling station), a variety of the NGV equipment suppliers engaged in the project, local research institutes, and the principal funding institutions, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the United Nations Development Program. The roadmap will elaborate the stakeholders’ various goals, opportunities and challenges in implementing a long term NGV program. The roadmap mechanism is an established process to create a strategic plan that describes the steps that an organization (or institutions) needs to take to achieve stated outcomes and goals. It clearly outlines links among tasks and priorities for action in the near, medium and long term. It also includes milestones to allow regular tracking and implementation of the program in order to achieve short term, medium and long term goals.

Two Hundred CNG buses are a first step to a larger NGV program

Almaty Electrotrans (AET), the municipal bus company, will deploy 200 new compressed natural gas (CNG) fueled buses over the course of 2011, supported by a $35 million loan from European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The first 20 buses were delivered in December 2010. All 200 buses are anticipated to be in service during the second quarter of 2011. AET awarded the bus contract to Zhengzhou Yutong, a Chinese company that uses Cummins-Westport, Inc. (CW) C Gas Plus natural gas engines. The initial roll-out of 20 buses occurred in time to support the Asian Winter Games slated for the end of February.

British Gas completed a filling station for the buses in July 2010, which uses Dresser Wayne compressors. More stations are planned for the city by KazTransGas, a distribution-focused subsidiary of national oil and gas company Kazmuniagas, with the hope that private bus operators and other fleet operators see the benefit of this new, cleaner transportation technology. Once the pilot program is launched successfully in Almaty, the gas company plans to create a network of CNG stations ultimately supported by 50,000 NGVs.

Cooperation between the U.S. and Kazakhstan in the transport sector is a new initiative of the U.S.-Kazakhstan Energy Partnership, which is chaired by U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman and Minister of Oil and Gas Sauat Mynbayev.

More information about the upcoming conference can be found at http://www.ne.anl.gov/workshops/KZ11/.

This item compiled using information from a US DOE press release.

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