TYMCO Offers Dedicated-CNG Dump Street Sweeper

| USA, Waco TX

Tymco 500xR-CNG (1)U.S. sweeper manufacturer TYMCO has added a 100% Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powered sweeper to its range: Model 500x High Side Dump Regenerative Air Street Sweeper. Previously only available with a diesel engine, the Model 500x joins TYMCO’s Model 600 CNG which has been available for more than 20 years.

“TYMCO is a pioneer when using alternative fuels – starting with propane (liquefied petroleum gas [LPG]) in the 1980s and first introducing the Model 600 CNG in 1993,” said Bobby Johnson, TYMCO – Vice President, Marketing. “With over 9 years of the Model 500x being successful in the field, offering this sweeper in CNG was the next logical evolution for this product.”

According to TIAX ans U.S. DOE data, natural gas vehicles (NGVs) can have positive impacts when looking to reduce criteria air pollutants as well as greenhouse gases (GHGs). Natural gas is considered a highly abundant fuel source in North America and can offer fuel cost savings compared to conventional fuels such as diesel and gasoline. Incentives for NGVs may be available in some areas, specifically those which are in non-attainment for nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions standards.

Tymco 500xR-CNG (2)Street sweepers must be maneuverable in order to get to those hard-to-reach areas. The TYMCO engineered and manufactured alternative fuel powered chassis is designed to provide maximum fuel capacity on the shortest wheelbase available. TYMCO has accomplished this by designing a modular CNG fuel storage rack system that requires minimal additional wheelbase, resulting in the tightest turning radius possible, all while providing maximum rear view visibility.

The large capacity CNG fuel storage cylinders are enclosed for protection, and the roof enclosure is angled and sloped to allow for low hanging tree limbs. The CNG fuel storage area is mounted in such a way as to allow for maximum sweeper operation.

The Model 500x CNG is available in the United States and Canada through the TYMCO Dealer Network on the Freightliner M2 112 CNG conventional truck chassis, equipped with the Cummins ISL G CNG engine.

(Source: TYMCO)

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