Two LNG Dual-Fuel Tugs for Singapore’s PSA Marine

| Singapore

PSA Marine tugboat (not dual-fuel)PSA Marine (Pte) Ltd, a Singapore-based marine services provider, has recently awarded a contract to build one dual-fuel LNG harbour tug. It will be awarding another contract to build its second dual-fuel LNG harbour tug in January 2018. Both tugs are scheduled for delivery in 2019.

Under the LNG Bunkering (Pilot Programme), PSA Marine will receive a grant of up to S$2 million (USD 1.49m) for each tug from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA).

The company takes pride in delivering high service standards and maintaining a strong safety track record. With the addition of two dual-fuel LNG harbour tugs to its fleet, it has taken a bigger step in adopting environmental corporate social responsibility practices in its support of MPA’s drive towards a sustainable maritime transport system.

Mr Peter Chew, Managing Director of PSA Marine, said, “PSA Marine is excited to be one of the pioneers in Singapore to own and operate dual-fuel LNG harbour tugs. As a responsible corporate citizen, this is one of the ways which PSA Marine can play its part in reducing its carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions from our business operations.”

The contracted shipbuilder is not named in the press release.

Source: PSA Marine (Pte) Ltd

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