Tulsa Gas Technologies India and Emcara Gas Development Join NGV Global

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NGV Global - International Association for Natural Gas VehiclesNGV Global welcomes two new members. Tulsa Gas Technologies India Pvt. Ltd, a compressed natural gas (CNG) service company located in Kundli, Sonipat Haryana (just north of New Delhi), India has joined as a Corporate Sponsor and will participate on NGV Global’s Board. Emcara Gas Development Inc., a Canadian company designing pressure relief devices (PRD), located in Guelph, Ontario, has joined as a Corporate Member. 

TGTGas LogoTulsa Gas Technologies has become the largest manufacturer of CNG dispensers in India by providing top of the line equipment and unmatched service. Incorporated in 2005, the company specializes in both high volume CNG dispenser jobs and single unit jobs to custom specifications. With a continued emphasis on service, it began with CNG dispenser manufacturing and in 2010 commenced making booster compressors, followed in 2011 by manufacturing Eaton hoses.

Creation of new products and frameworks that aid in rapid prototype and product development is the primary activity at Tulsa Gas Technologies. The product division is continually coming up with new, innovative, well-engineered, and simple yet powerful products.

The company shares technical collaboration with Tulsa Gas Technologies Inc. USA and Officine Ruzza, Italy.

Website: www.tgtgas.com

Emcara Gas Development has designed a line of innovative, safe, reliable and cost-effective pressure relief devices (PRD). The PRD’s are rapidly becoming the industry standard and preferred choice for protecting compressed natural gas (CNG) and hydrogen (H) tanks in vehicles powered with alternative fuels. Every CNG or H powered vehicle must meet new safety standards to prevent catastrophic explosions of their fuel tank in the event of a fire.

Emcara’s PRDs utilize a distributed trigger, which have an advantage over point trigger devices, especially for large tanks. One distributed trigger device can replace numerous point trigger devices. This provides a simple solution, reducing both product and labour cost, maintenance as well as increasing safety. Distributed trigger devices are also much more effective at detecting a localized fire. This has repeatedly been proven in field incidents.

Website: emcara.com

New inquiries for membership may be directed to admin@ngvglobal.org.

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