Trinidad and Tobago Establishes Licence Structure for CNG Sales and Retrofits

| Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain

Trinidad & Tobago CNG licence noticeThe Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs for the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago has created a licence system under which Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) may be sold and vehicle conversions carried out. The structured approach is intended to facilitate the development of CNG as a major fuel in the country.

The following types of licences can be applied for:

i) CNG Service Licence for the installation, maintenance, or repair of the fuel system in motor vehicles to allow for the use of CNG as the predominant transportation fuel;

ii) CNG Marketing Licence for the retail marketing of CNG as a transportation fuel to the general public;

iii) Consumer Refuelling Licence for the dispensing of CNG as a transportation fuel for own use.

 According the the Application for a CNG Marketing Licence (CML), item 15:

Comprehensive description and specifications of the CNG system to be installed (All components and tanks etc.);

  • Standards to which equipment must adhere to include but are not limited to:

i) ECE R-110
ii) ISO 15500
iii) ISO 11439
iv) NFPA 52
v) Any other standards issued by Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards.

  • Station must be able to integrate Radio Frequency Identification (R.F.I.D.) equipment.
  • CNG system used should be of a type and rating approved by the Minister (The equipment and system to be used in the fuelling station must be designed to ensure that the time for dispensing CNG simultaneously and continuously through each dispensing nozzle into vehicles with a 50 litre water capacity tank should not be greater than three (3) minutes).
  • Station layout should be in accordance with NFPA 52.

Fees include a CML application fee of $500 (USD 78) and a Licence Fee of $2,000 (USD 314).

The Government will host a public seminar July 25th to provide details of the requirements for CNG licence applications. Email Further details are available at

(Source: Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs)

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