Trans Gas Solution Acquires AiP for LNG Bunkering Barge – First in Korea

| Republic of Korea: Changwon | Source: Trans Gas Solution
Trans Gas Solution - Korea - Kolt 05 LNG Barge Design

Kolt 05 LNG Barge Design

Trans Gas Solution (CEO Seo Mi-Young), the leading LNG EPC company in Korea, has acquired Approval-in-Principal (AiP) from Korea Register (KR) for their 500m3 LNG Bunkering Barge System Design. The approved LNG bunkering barge (KOLT-05B) is a 48.5m vessel with IMO Type-C pressurized fuel tank with a storage capacity of 500m3, including a low-pressure LNG fuel gas supply system (CRYOPac-L).

The AiP, acquired last December 21st, contributes to the Development of LNG Bunkering system for coastal trading LNG-fueled ships : LNG-propelled-ready Bunkering barge, a project supported by Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and organized by Korea Research Institute of Ships & Ocean Engineering (KRISO).

The KOLT-05B is designed to charge LNG Fueled vessels at 200m3/h class, developed solely by Trans Gas Solution. It consists of a bunkering arm that can bunker LNG and is configured to handle evaporative emissions as an optimal method. Furthermore, by supplying power required for operation via gas engine the emission of sulphur dioxide (SOx), nitrogen oxide (NOx) and carbon dioxide (CO2) during fuel propulsion with LNG, the vessel meets all of International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) air pollutant emission regulations by 100%, 80% and 24% respectively, compared to that of the existing facilities.

The Development Project of the Coastal Ship with Customized LNG Bunkering System is a project which develops and validates LNG bunkering facilities along the Korean coast in response to increasing demands for LNG bunkering. It is being jointly conducted by KRISO, POSCO, EK Heavy Industries, Mytec and Valmax, whilst Trans Gas Solution is in charge of the control system of the vessel including the Cargo Handling System, which covers the basic and the detail design of the vessel.

Based on thorough preparation of KRISO, the main research institute of this project, and with Trans Gas Solution’s many experiences in LNG business, it is expected that the development of LNG bunkering system will be successful and will lead the LNG bunkering market in Korea.

The LNG Bunkering Barge System is expected to supply LNG to LNG-fueled ships that will operate off the coast of Korea starting from 2022, after being built by the first half of 2021, tested and commissioned.

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