Toronto Waste Changes from Flaring to Fuel

| Canada, Toronto | Source: Toronto Sun

The anaerobic digester at Dufferin

Toronto’s organics collection area of the Dufferin Waste Management Facility will soon change from flaring gas produced on site, to capturing and pumping it into energy supplier Enbridge’s natural gas distribution system, where it will be stripped of carbon dioxide, water vapour, hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, and delivered as biomethane for fuel, says city spokesman Patricia Barrett in a Toronto Sun report. Barrett expects the biomethane could be fuelling Toronto garbage trucks by mid-2011.

The city is scheduled to commence construction of a second anaerobic digestion vessel this month, with completion expected by spring of 2012. Plans are in place to double the site’s organic waste capacity in 2014.

This facility processes 40,000 tonnes or one third of all organic materials collected through Toronto’s Green Bin Program. The organic solid material that is produced at this facility is sent for further refinement into finished compost.

Toronto has one natural gas garbage truck in currently in operation, two on order, and will add others as part of its ongoing vehicle replacement program.

The city reportedly expects to recover about 1.4 million cubic metres of biomethane each year from Dufferin, enough to power about 78 trucks.

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