Titan LNG’s Bunkering Pontoon Moves to Contract

| The Netherlands, Amsterdam

Titan LNG Flexfueler 1Titan LNG, a leading supplier of LNG to the marine and industrial markets in North West Europe, has contracted a manufacturing consortium headed by Kooiman Marine Group for its innovative FlexFueler001, an LNG bunkering pontoon. The pontoon design has received approval from Bureau Veritas and will be built with the collaboration of subcontractors Marine Services Noord and Cryovat International.

Titan LNG’s commercial director marine, Michael Schaap, comments: “Due to the substantial increase in upcoming demand for LNG as a bunker fuel in the ARA region, we had the opportunity to outfit the pontoon directly with 4 tanks. It was an easy trade-off between slightly deferring becoming operational  and reaching maximum capacity of 1480 cbm from the start directly.”

Rinus Kooiman, general manager of the Kooiman Marine Group mentioned: “We identified LNG as an important development for the necessary emission improvements in the shipping. To us, the FlexFueler is the logical last mile solution for in-port operations. It copies the usual modus of operations in the existing bunkering market, paramount for adoption by ship owners. Furthermore, heading shipbuilding projects, acting as the main contractor and taking full responsibility for the complete ship, also fits our full-service philosophy.”

Wim van Rootselaar, director of Cryovat International, added: “Cryovat has built most of the LNG fuel tanks in our region and we are very content that we are involved in this project. We will now built the first LNG cargo tanks for inland waterway  infrastructure to be employed in the ARA region.”


Source: Titan LNG

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