Thun Tankers Names LNG-Powered Coastal Tanker

| Sweden and Netherlands | Source: Erik Thun AB

Thun Evolve (artist impression)On Saturday, December 15, Thun Tankers named their new environmentally adapted tanker Thun Evolve in Groningen, Holland. The tanker will be long-term leased by Preem for deliveries to the company’s depots and customers in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The ship will be delivered to Preem at the end of March.

Thun Tankers, part of Erik Thun AB of Sweden, says the 115 metre coastal tanker built in the Netherlands is a welcome addition to the company’s commitment to safer, efficient and sustainable maritime transport, with the least possible environmental impact. It is equipped with Wärtsilä equipment comprising a 6-cylinder 34DF dual-fuel main engine, a LNGPac fuel supply system, a Gas Valve Unit (GVU) and a Controllable Pitch Propeller (CPP) with HP nozzle.

Thun Evolve has been built with the latest design to meet and exceed current and upcoming environmental regulations. Thun Evolve meets high standards of safety, efficiency with a very low environmental impact and can be powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) or biogas (LBG)”, says Joakim Lund, Chief Commercial Officer at Thun Tankers.

“Our maritime transport is an important part of Preem’s operations. We are therefore very pleased with the company’s latest addition of new environmentally adapted tankers, using the latest hull design for improved performance, lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions. It is also in line with Preem’s high-end sustainability requirements”, says Fredrik Backman, Head of Shipping Department at Preem. Preem is the largest fuel company in Sweden.

Preem’s maritime transport also applies “just in time”, which means that the vessels optimize and adjust speed to minimize the time of anchorage at refineries and ports. This contributes to lower fuel consumption, increased safety and the least possible environmental impact.

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