Thai Incentives May Double NGV Taxis to 30,000

| Thailand | Source: Thai-ASEAN News Network

Thai CNG taxis refuelling

Thailand’s Energy Ministry will organise a registration process for taxi operators to convert their LPG taxis to compressed natural gas (CNG) by the end of March, helping to reduce the country’s burdensome LPG importation costs, reports the Thai-ASEAN News Network. Deputy Permanent Secretary for the Energy Ministry, Kuruchit Nakhonthap, said the response to a public relations campaign earlier this year showed 15,000 taxis were ready to convert to CNG.

According to the report subsequently verified by NGV Global News, Secretary Kuruchit disclosed the Energy Ministry will provide natural gas cylinders and conversion equipment free-of-charge, and coordinate garages to carry out conversions, using oil-fund monies. Certified garages will be paid 5,000 baht (USD 163) per installation.

After conversion the 30,000-strong NGV taxi fleet will reportedly reduce the Fund’s LPG importation costs by some 474 million baht (USD 15.4 million)  per month.

(Este artículo también está disponible en Espanol)

(Este artículo también está disponible en Espanol)
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