Thai Hino Dual-Fuel Trial Achieves 80% Diesel Substitution

| New Zealand and Thailand

Dual-fuel Hino JO8C 191kW Truck

A five truck dual-fuel trial in Thailand with Hino J08C 191kW trucks, carrying a gross weight of up to 50 tonnes, shows an average 80% diesel substitution with compressed natural gas (CNG) and is producing 50% fuel cost savings. This 80% substitution is a first for New Zealand-based DieselGas International Ltd products and is being achieved under normal commercial operation. DieselGas says the substitution rate is especially remarkable given that this Hino engine has a mechanical diesel injection system. “This very high substitution has always been a dream target and is achieved by using the Hino injection system electronic diesel timing control to optimize the fuel efficiency across the driving cycle,” says Harvey Reid, Managing Director of DieselGas.

A DeiselGas release says the fleet owners in Thailand report fuel cost savings of 50% compared to the price of diesel.

The dual-fuel conversion allows the truck to change to CNG when the engine achieves normal operating temperature and to revert seamlessly to diesel if the CNG runs out.

Maintaining the integrity of the engine is crucial in maintaining cost savings where the payback period can be as low as 6 to 8 months. This conversion ensures the power is matched precisely at all times to the diesel engine manufacturer’s specification.

All the trial vehicles are remotely monitored so DieselGas engineers can monitor each vehicle’s performance from New Zealand and local engineers and fleet owners can access this facility. Data from statistical logs, diagnostic logs and fault logs can be downloaded remotely for detailed statistical and performance related analysis.

The DieselGas dual-fuel kits for the Hino J08C 191kW engines are to be released soon for general sale in Thailand with owners of the trial vehicles having ordered further kits to be installed at that time.

This article compiled using information from a DieselGas International Ltd press release.

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