Texan Construction Company Begins CNG Pilot Program

| USA, Dallas TX

TDIndustries Ford E350 CNGTDIndustries (TD), an American mechanical construction company, has launched a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Pilot Program beginning with the conversion of two Ford E350 service vans at their Fort Worth office. The Pilot Program is leading an effort to cut operating costs, improve air quality, increase efficiency and utilize the abundant natural gas resources in Texas. This initiative will utilize CNG powered vehicles to perform daily Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing (MEP) service operations.

“Natural gas is an abundant resource in Texas that will help drive our state’s future. We need to lead by example, as we get more involved with construction and providing service for CNG fueling stations and other energy related projects,” said Jason Cinek, SVP TDIndustries

This pilot program will guide TDIndustries in determining the feasibility of natural gas vehicles, the availability of CNG fueling stations and how a fleet powered by natural gas can meet their operational needs. Conversion of vehicles to CNG were performed by NGV Texas Inc., a Dallas-based company, specializing in CNG and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) technologies out of their 65,000 square foot conversion facility.

Traditionally, natural gas vehicles cost less to refuel than gasoline vehicles, emit up to 90 percent fewer greenhouse gases, and in many cases, cost less to maintain, according to natural gas experts.

TDIndustries is an environmentally conscientious construction company with an operating fleet of 394 service vans in the Southwest region of United States

(Source: TDIndustries)

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