Ten NefAZ CNG Buses for Vologda

| Russia, Vologda

NEFAZ CNG Buses for VologdaTen low-floor compressed natural gas (CNG) NefAZ buses have been delivered to Vologda, the administrative, cultural, and scientific center of Vologda Oblast, Russia. Buses are designed for a large number of passengers, with a total complement of 110 people including 25 seated.

New buses operate on methane, which is much more environmentally friendly compared to diesel fuel and almost twice cheaper. The cars will be refueled at the already constructed gas station in Vologda on Mudrova Street and have an operational range of about 450 kilometers. This is quite enough for a whole day of work on the city line, where the average daily bus run is 250 km.

As explained by the Mayor of Vologda, Sergei Voropanov, this work is part of the fulfilment of assignments of the governor of the region. Between the government of the region and Gazprom, an agreement was signed on the construction of a gas filling station, and the governor was instructed to replenish the bus fleet of the regional capital, including cars with gas engine fuel.

“We analyzed the experience of other cities where such equipment is used and came to the conclusion that it is economical, reliable and safe,” Voropanov noted. “Buses are modern, comfortable, all necessary infrastructure has been created for their use. If they show themselves well in operation, then we will continue to move in this direction to update the bus fleet.”

Source: KamAZ

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