Team Takes Home Gold and Silver in 2011 STCC

Tommy Kristoffersson, Team Manager of holds the champions trophy for STCC 2011.

After an exciting final weekend at Mantorp Park, Sweden’s “greenest” racing team, racing biogas fuelled vehicles, can call themselves Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC) champions. The celebration was only dampened by the fact that Fredrik Ekblom missed the gold in the individual competition after a much-debated incident in the final heat. “This win is proof of the project’s success,” said Kristoffersson as he lifted the heavy trophy, following an outstanding season of biomethane-powered performance at the top level of touring car motorsport. The project, involving E.ON, Volkswagen and Team, commenced with the first race of the 2009 season.

Last year, Team just missed the gold. This season, Fredrik Ekblom and Patrik Olsson stood on the podium throughout the season, demonstrating the consistent performances of the VW Motorsport Scirocco GT 24s. Ekblom finished second and third in the two final heats of the season, while Olsson finished fourth and fifth. Those finishes gave the points needed for Team to overtake Volvo Polestar in the team rankings.

“It’s fantastic. This win is well-deserved for everyone in the team,” said Ekblom. “Every team member put in the time and energy that was needed to take us the whole way.”

Team went to the final at Mantorp Park intending to go home with two golds. After a dramatic and eventful final, Fredrik Ekblom ended up with a second-place title, behind Rickard Rydell. ”I can’t complain about how I placed in the heats,” said Ekblom. “Second and third place finishes are good. Unfortunately we were too slow for the gold.”

All the drivers in Team came together to help Ekblom go for the gold. Thed Björk, an experienced driver who was new to Team, gave up his lead in the second race to help Fredrik Ekblom. Björk was also involved in the controversial incident in the final heat. Björk was passed by Rickard Rydell while a yellow flag was waved. A yellow flag means that passing is prohibited.

“There’s no doubt that Rydell passed Thed when there was a yellow flag,” said Tommy Kirstoffersson. “We’ve reported the incident and are waiting for a reaction.”

(This article primarily compiled using information from a Team press release)

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