Tarija Set To Begin Major Repowering of Buses to CNG

| Bolivia, Tarija

The repowered bus operating with CNG

NGVI, Inc., a Korean solutions provider for the natural gas vehicle industry, has presented a repowered Toyota Coaster to the Department of NGV, Federation of Bus Owners and the NGV Association of the Province of Tarija, Bolivia. The presentation fits within the pre-contract terms of a pending agreement that will see 2500 mini buses, both Coasters and Nissan Civilians, converted to dedicated compressed natural gas (CNG) operation by 2013.

NGVI will supply the engines and training to perform the repowering of owner-operated buses that are around 20 to 25 years old, in a program support by government funding. The repowering will take place in government approved workshops.

NGVI’s director of international business, John Phang, who officiated at the handover event, said members of the Federation are very happy with the performance, increased fuel efficiency and reliability of NGVI’s CNG engine technology utilizing a GM industrial engine block specially designed to operate on 100% natural gas.

The company also received a letter of Intention from Bolivia’s Ministry of Transportation to repower 6000 similar buses and to assist in the development of CNG fueling stations throughout the country. Strengthening the nation-wide CNG fueling station network is part of a government objective to convert its energy matrix to natural gas.

(This article compiled using information from NGVI, Inc.)

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