German Chancellor Merkel Visits VW at IAA 2017

| Germany, Frankfurt

At the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt today, German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel was given a glimpse of the automotive future when she called upon the Volkswagen stand. Over the next five years, the brand will be investing about €3.5 billion (USD 4.2 billion) in the optimization of conventional diesel, gasoline and natural gas powertrains.  Read more »

Companies Collaborate to Extend CNG Mobility in Germany

| Germany, Wolfsburg

Goal: 1 million CNG Vehicles by 2025, 2000 CNG filling stations

Volkswagen Group together with operators of CNG filling stations and gas networks have signed a joint declaration of intent, committing themselves to the extension of CNG mobility in Germany. Other signatories to the agreement are E.ON Gas Mobil GmbH, Gazprom NGV Europe GmbH, Gazu GmbH, ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH, Open Grid Europe GmbH, Pitpoint B.V. and TOTAL Deutschland GmbH. Read more »

Volkswagen Introduces 1.0 TGI CNG Engine for Polo

| Germany and Austria

VW 1.0 TGI CNG EngineA key pillar of Volkswagen’s drive system strategy is compressed natural gas (CNG) propulsion technology which the company says it is using to shape the transition to sustainable mobility. Signalling its impetus, the German auto manufacturer is presenting an innovative, compact three-cylinder TGI engine for natural gas propulsion for the VW Polo at the 38th Vienna Motor Symposium this week. Read more »

Volkswagen Truck & Bus and Navistar Alliance Gets Green Light

| Germany, Braunschweig

The strategic alliance between Volkswagen Truck & Bus GmbH — which houses the MAN, Scania, Volkswagen Trucks and Buses (in Brazil), and RIO brands — and U.S. commercial vehicle manufacturer Navistar International Corporation has been approved by the authorities so responsible. Although there has been no statement issued that is specific to natural gas, the alliance gives rise to opportunities for cooperation in the advancement of alternative fuel technologies. Read more »

Volkswagen Developing New NGVs

| Germany

An article published online by highlights the ongoing commitment of the Volkswagen Group to produce natural gas vehicles (NGVs). Medium published an interview with Dr. Jens Andersen, Group CEO for Natural Gas Mobility, who explains Volkswagen’s promotion of alt-fuel technology doesn’t just rest with E-mobility. NGV development stands alongside EV as ‘ecologically equivalent’ prime pillars of focus for the global auto manufacturer. Read more »

Volkswagen to Use Low-emission LNG-powered vessels from 2019

| Germany, Wolfsburg

Siem Car Carrier LNG-propelledVolkswagen Group Logistics continues it drive for improved environmental credentials by electing to use two Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)-powered charter vessels from Siem Car Carriers AS for vehicle shipment between Europe and North America from 2019. Alternative LNG drive systems for ships reduce air pollutant emissions significantly – CO2 by up to 25% and NOx by up to 30%, particulate matters by up to 60% and SOx by as much as 100%. Read more »

New Volkswagen Eco Up! Ready for European Summer

| Germany, Wolfsburg

Volkswagen up!  (May 2016)Volkswagen says the new model eco-up! powered by natural gas (50 kW/68 PS) will be added to its range this summer and is taking advance orders for European sales now. The small car has much sharper lines, more comprehensive standard features, more options for personalisation and extended connectivity. Read more »

EDP, SEAT and Volkswagen-Audi Spain Collaborate on CNG

| Spain, Bilbao

SEAT VW Spain and EDP collaborate on CNG May2015EDP, SEAT and Volkswagen-Audi España have joined forces to promote Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles and infrastructure development. EDP, SEAT and Volkswagen-Audi Spain signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that aims at promoting the development of CNG vehicles and the infrastructures that are necessary to foster the use of this alternative fuel. CNG allows users to achieve significant cost savings and considerably reduces vehicle emissions in comparison to traditional fuels. Read more »

Volkswagen Unites MAN and Scania to form Truck and Bus GmbH

| Germany, Wolfsburg

Volkswagen is creating an integrated commercial vehicles group, thereby putting in place a structured framework for business with mid-sized and heavy trucks and buses. Truck & Bus GmbH is to become the new Volkswagen Group holding for the MAN and Scania commercial vehicle brands which encompasses a range of natural gas vehicle (NGV) models. Read more »

SEAT, Volkswagen-Audi Spain and Madrid Gas Network Opt for CNG Development

| Spain, Madrid

SEAT and VW NGVs in SpainSEAT, Volkswagen-Audi Spain and Madrileña Red de Gas (Madrid gas network) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that aims to develop and promote natural gas powered vehicles and the necessary refueling infrastructure as part of the strategy shared by all three companies to promote sustainable mobility, improve air quality in cities and contribute to the fight against climate change. Read more »