MBtech Presents the Natural Gas Hybrid “Reporter” Study to the North American Market


MBTech’s Concept Vehicle – the “Reporter”

MBtech is introducing the hybrid (electric/natural gas) “Reporter” pick-up study to the North American market for the first time, at the SAE World Congress in Detroit this week. The pick-up study was developed and designed as an in-house innovation project and presented at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2010 in Germany and is demonstrated using a 1:4 scale model. The study displays a resource-saving drive system solution for a light commercial vehicle for delivery transport which can be implemented today. Read more »

Hyundai Showcases H2 ‘Blue2’ Concept FCEV

| Korea, Seoul

Hyundai Blue2 Concept

Hyundai has showcased its all-new Hyundai ‘Blue Drive’ hydrogen-powered concept car, short-named Blue2 and codenamed HND-6, at the 2011 Seoul Motor Show, describing it as a blueprint for future sedans. It is Hyundai’s first sedan-style Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV). The Hyundai Blue2 is powered by a fuel cell electric system that delivers 90kW (120 hp) and fuel economy of 34.9km/litre (2.86 l/100km or 82.2 mpg US).

This article compiled using information from a Hyundai Motor Company press release.