Swiss Companies Form Association to Promote Hydrogen Mobility

| Switzerland: Zurich

Mineraloel fuel stationA new trade association has been formed to promote the creation of a national network of service stations delivering hydrogen in Switzerland. Participants include Coop Group, Coop Mineraloel AG, Agrola AG, the AVIA Federation, the Fenaco Cooperative Society, Migrol AG and the Federation of Migros Cooperatives.

Through this project, these private companies aim to power their own zero-emission hydrogen vehicles by 2023, a decisive step towards sustainable mobility in Switzerland.

“As founding members of the association, the seven companies want to give the initial impetus and contribute to the breakthrough of this technology of the future,” says Jörg Ackermann, president of the newly created association and member of Coop’s management.

The association’s press release says industry experts view hydrogen as a sustainable intermediate storage mode for the supply of vehicles with renewable electricity. Benefits include a refueling operation of just a few minutes, vehicle range of about 600 km, water vapour as the only emission, and it is a renewable fuel.

With the operation of over 1,500 service stations in Switzerland and more than 1,700 HGVs, service station operators are reportedly able to jointly manage the development of a national hydrogen distribution infrastructure. It will be economically feasible to operate a hydrogen supply station if it has a dozen or more customers/vehicles.

Association members have agreed that hydrogen must only be produced from renewable sources of energy, for example, Swiss hydropower, which has proved its worth. Additionally, they commit to ensuring all the components of this sustainable and CO2-free cycle are available in Switzerland, in order to accelerate the diffusion of hydrogen technology.

While fuel cell cars that use hydrogen as an energy carrier are already mass-produced, the global development of hydrogen trucks and buses is also booming. “It is relatively easy to add hydrogen as an energy carrier to the Swiss network of service stations, so that in future fuel cell electric vehicles can also be powered,” says Daniel Hofer, CEO of Migrol AG and President of the Petroleum Union.

Source: Coop Mineraloel AG

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