Sweden’s Widrikssons Åkeri Buys 20 Iveco New Daily

| Sweden, Stockholm

Widrikssons Åkeri, a Stockholm-based privately-owned trucking company with a fleet of 130 cars, has ordered 20 new Iveco Daily vehicles powered by environmentally friendly biomethane. This acquisition doubles the number of Iveco natural gas vehicles (NGVs) in the company’s fleet, raising the total to 40. Iveco plans to deliver the Daily before end of 2012.

“Widrikssons Åkeri has an environmental profile with the goal of being completely free of fossil fuels by 2020 and this is just the beginning; we will continue to invest in biogas cars and confidently look forward to the next generation of heavy trucks with liquefied biogas, which is under development,” says Jörgen Thunholm, CEO Widrikssons.

The enhanced environmental friendly vehicle (EEV)-compliant Daily Natural Power has a 4-cylinder 3.0-liter engine that produces 136 Hp /350 Nm when run on eco-friendly biogas. The Daily also have a 14-liter reserve tank with gasoline. Depending on the load and driving conditions, the Daily has aan operating range of 300-500 kms on biomethane.

All Iveco Daily delivered to Widrikssons has a truck body with tail lift and chillers.

(This article compiled using information from a Widrikssons Åkeri press release)


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