Swabia’s NGVs Fill Up With 100% Waste-Generated Methane

| Germany, Swabia

Erdgas Schwaben biogas production plant

Biomethane, produced from organic waste, will be the exclusive fuel of a new natural gas service station opened in Gersthofen, Swabia, claimed by energy supplier Erdgas Schwaben GmbH as the first station of its kind in Germany. Dr Timm Kehler, managing director for Erdgas Mobil GmbH, explained to NGV Global News: “Among the 900 CNG stations in Germany, this is the first station to sell biomethane purely from organic waste. Previous biomethane stations are either supplied by biomethane from crop or sell a blend of fossil and renewable methane.”

Natural gas filling stations in Swabia Nördlingen, Donauwörth, Landsberg and Kaufbeuren are simultaneously being converted to the environmentally friendly fuel.

Klaus-Peter Dietmayer, manager for Erdgas Schwaben GmbH said, “We are thrilled to open this bio-gas filling station today. With our 100% biogas from organic waste materials, all natural gas users can go to almost zero emissions. The Swabians are not talking about climate change – they act!”

Erdgas Schwaben currently manages four operating bio-natural gas plants. The first plant has been in operation since 2007, and is located in Graben, near Augsburg. The others are located in Maihingen, near Nördlingen in Donau-Ries (2008), in Altenstadt/Schongau (2009) and in Arnschwang/Cham (2010).

According to Biogaspartner, a biogas project developed by the German energy agency DENA, Erdgas Schwaben has developed a regional supply of energy from sustainable natural resources, making Swabia independent from the international energy market and strengthening the region as a whole.

This item primarily compiled using information from an Erdgas Schwaben GmbH press release.

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