Supermarketeer Lidl Selects Iveco for Italy’s Largest LNG Truck Fleet

| United Kingdom, Basildon

IVECO Stralis Hi-WayLC3, a customer of CNH Industrial’s commercial vehicles brand Iveco, will provide transport and logistics services to multinational supermarket chain Lidl with a fleet of 15 Stralis Natural Power heavy trucks powered by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) engines manufactured by sister company FPT Industrial.

Starting in 2015, Lidl Italia will operate the largest natural gas truck fleet in all of Italy through its nationwide network of 570 sales points. This will be accomplished through the circulation of 15 Iveco Stralis Natural Power LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) trucks. The trucks are equipped with Cursor 8 LNG Euro VI engines manufactured by FPT Industrial, CNH Industrial’s powertrain brand.

The implementation of this LNG fleet is managed by LC3, a temperature controlled transport logistics specialist. The 15 vehicles destined for Lidl Italia are part of a supply of 50 Stralis LNG vehicles which Iveco is delivering to LC3.

Considered to be one of the “cleanest” fuels on the market, the advantages of operating a fleet of liquefied natural gas vehicles are numerous in terms of environmental sustainability and operator profitability. With respect to diesel, natural gas significantly reduces a vehicle’s overall impact on its surrounding environment (95% less particulate emissions, 35% lower NOX emissions and a 10% reduction in CO2 emissions) and carries much lower costs, 20% less in comparison.

(Source: CNH Industrial N.V.)

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