Sulgás Trials Renewable Natural Gas in Brazil

| Brazil

Sulgás GNVerde - renewable natural gasBrazil’s state gas company Sulgás has introduced ‘GNVerde’, a 100% renewable natural gas (biomethane) which is already being tested on vehicles. Produced from the processing of organic waste into a gas equivalent to natural gas, GNVerde will be marketed exclusively by Sulgás.

“In recent years, Sulgás has invested in actions to promote new sources of natural gas supply in the state, including some research for the use of biogas,” said Roberto Tejadas, CEO of Sulgás.

The trials seek to produce a gas with a high methane content (above 96%), that meets the technical specification required by the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP). The first project that could meet this requirement is being developed in Montenegro, at Green-Brazil Consortium, consisting of Ecocitrus and Naturovos in partnership with Sulgás. The GNVerde generated from manure laying birds and agro-industrial residues reached 98% methane in its chemical composition.

(Source: Sulgás)

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