St. Petersburg to Host LNG 2022

| Australia, Perth

St. PetersburgThe co-organizers of the LNG International Conference & Exhibition –the International Gas Union (IGU), the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) and the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) — announced in Perth, Australia, at the opening ceremony of LNG 18 that the world’s most important liquefied natural gas conference will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia in the spring of 2022. The event is considered to be the world’s premier LNG conference, attracting high level delegates that include energy ministers, CEOs, civil society and academia from all over the world.

The Chair of the LNG 18 Steering Committee and Immediate Past President of IGU, Mr Jérôme Ferrier, said the Steering Committee’s decision to hold LNG 2022 in Russia reflected the international gas industry’s esteem for Russia as an important and growing exporter of LNG.

The LNG market is experiencing rapid growth and is expected to grow by an unprecedented 46% by 2021. The timing of LNG 2022 will be at an important stage of LNG growth and the global gas market.

The LNG conference is held every three years and alternates between producing and consuming countries. The next LNG conference, LNG 2019, is scheduled for Shanghai, P.R. China on 1-5 April 2019.

“In building on Russia success as a major natural gas exporter to the world and the many attractions of St. Petersburg as a host city for large events, I have no doubt that LNG 2022 will be the most successful LNG conference yet”.

The bid to host LNG 2022 was put forward by Gazprom and is supported by the authorities of St. Petersburg and the central government of Russia.

For further information please contact Mr. Menelaos (Mel) Ydreos, Director, External Affairs, International Gas Union (IGU); Tel: +1-416-568-8382; Email:

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