St Petersburg Approves Gazprom Network of CNG Filling Stations

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Draft of NGV filling stations St Petersburg

Draft of NGV filling stations for St Petersburg

The Government of St. Petersburg has approved appropriation of a Gazprom Gazomotornoye Toplivo, LLC (Gazprom Gas Fuel) Project for the construction of a network of CNG filling stations across the city. The Board of Investment under the Government approved the plan to accelerate the development of refuelling infrastructure, with up to 25 CNG stations planned to be built by 2018.

The total investment in infrastructure projects will be about 5 billion rubles (approx USD 76.4 million). The project has been approved because of its strategic value for the city’s development.

St. Petersburg is the largest industrial, tourism and logistics center, and has great potential for the development of natural gas fuel for transportation, according to Gazprom’s press release. The adoption of natural gas will improve the energy efficiency of the transport sector and reduce the operating costs of companies – carriers by 40%. The project will also create about 300 new jobs.

Key consumers of natural gas in the near future will be public transportation, utility vehicles, as well as those used for intercity freight, light commercial and personal transportation.

CNG bus, Russia“The joint work of the Government of St. Petersburg, in the part of the purchase of gas appliances, and Gazprom Gas Fuel in terms of the creation of gas fueling infrastructure, will achieve the targets set by Order of the Government of the Russian Federation № 767-p, according to which by 2020 the number of road transport, public transport and road utility natural gas vehicles in St. Petersburg should be at least 50%” said General Director of Gazprom Gas Fuel Mikhail Likhachev.

The city will host the 5th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum in two weeks, from October 6-9, at which NGV Global’s Executive Director Diego Goldin will be participating.

(Source: Gazprom Gazomotornoye Toplivo)

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