SPATCO Energy Solutions Sells First North American Galileo Cryobox

| USA, Charlotte NC

Galileo CryoboxSPATCO Energy Solutions, North American distributor for Galileo USA, has sold the first North American Galileo Cryobox® Nano Station to Terra Energy Group. Scheduled to be operational in early 2015, the Cryobox will capture natural gas that would otherwise be flared off from the oil and gas fields in North Dakota, converting the well-head gas into more than 8,000 gallons of liquefied natural gas (LNG) per day.

Recognized worldwide as a major breakthrough in LNG production technology, the Galileo Cryobox is a small scale, transportable LNG production plant capable of converting pipeline or well-head natural gas into LNG. The Galileo Cryobox can be installed wherever LNG is needed. In addition to deployment in oil and gas fields, applications for Cryobox include marine bunkering, rail, mining, heavy duty trucking and power generation.

“We’re pleased to announce this first sale in North America and proud to have the opportunity to work with Galileo and Terra Energy Group to bring this smart, adaptable solution for LNG production to meet the needs of the emerging natural gas marketplace,” said Jeff Dailey, president and CEO of SPATCO Energy Solutions.

Operating in 65 countries and with more than 26 years of experience in gas compression equipment, Galileo successfully debuted the Cryobox as a multi-unit, dual fuel, CNG and LNG production plant serving Buquebus, the oceanic ferry system serving Argentina. Galileo Cryobox units are manufactured on a base of proven and reliable technologies. Each Cryobox is modular, scalable, easy to install and maintain, and capable of generating both LNG and CNG at low operating costs. Cryobox units are remotely monitored and compliant with all international standards. The units operate with little environmental impact, generating low levels of noise and vibration with no emissions.

“We spent many months looking for an economic, transportable and scalable option capable of converting the gas that is being flared at many North American oil and gas wells into a transportable liquid,” said Dustin Hancock, president of Terra Energy Group. “After visiting the Buquebus liquefaction operations and the Galileo manufacturing facilities in Argentina, we gained the confidence we needed that the Galileo Cryobox was the right solution.”

“The Galileo Cryobox, with its scalable capacity, adaptable footprint and portability, offers North American companies a time-efficient and cost-effective LNG production solution,” said Dailey. “By fulfilling an unmet need, in this case in the oil and gas production arena, we believe the Cryobox will play an important role in the ramp up of the natural gas infrastructure across all applications in North America. We are particularly pleased that this first installation for Terra Energy Group will be positive for the environment as well as the industry.”

(Source: SPATCO Energy Solutions)

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