Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel (SMGF) Gets Underway

| United Kingdom, London
Viking Grace with stern-mounted LNG tanks

Viking Grace with stern-mounted LNG tanks

The Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel has now been officially established as a new non-governmental organization. SGMF is formally based in Bermuda with business offices in London – and is actively seeking members. SGMF has named Mark Bell has general manager. He’ll take the helm at mid-month, replacing interim chief Andrew Clifton, the GM of SIGTTO, the Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators. SGMF was established by SIGTTO in mid-2013.

The first listed of SGMF’s objectives is to proactively promote safe and responsible operations for both LNG-fuelled vessels and LNG bunker supply logistics. Full membership is open to all stakeholders involved in the LNG bunkering supply chain, including the following:

  • Shipowners – using or intending to use LNG as a ship’s fuel;
  • LNG fuel suppliers;
  • Bunker suppliers – LNG bunker barge operator and/or small-scale LNG carrier operator;
  • Port authorities – where LNG is bunkered or intended to be bunkered within their port

(Source: SGMF)

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