SOCAR Opens Second CNG Station in Baku, Azerbaijan

| Azerbaijan: Baku

SOCAR CNG in Baku 2018 (2)The State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) has opened a second Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) filling station in Baku, the capital and commercial hub of Azerbaijan. The station is said to be evidence of the country’s emerging commitment to sustainable socio-economic growth.

At present, Azerbaijan has 2.6 trillion m3 aproven and 7 trillion m3 of potential gas reserves.

President of SOCAR, R.Abdullayev said “the achievements in the field of natural gas production and transportation encourage us to implement a project to build a network of gas-intensive natural gas stations throughout the country. I want to note that the demand for fuels and lubricants in the world is rapidly increasing. CNG is a more affordable alternative engine fuel type and is more environmentally friendly, but also safer. CNG supplies 80% less carbon monoxide gas than gasoline. By implementing this project, SOCAR will contribute to the further improvement of the ecological situation in the country”.

The government’s intention is to promote the adoption of natural gas for the industry, construction, tourism and supply sectors.

A fleet of IVECO natural gas buses are currently operating in Baku, managed by BakuBus LLC. It is estimated that switching to natural gas can reduce costs by about USD 390 per 10,000 km. For vehicles, one cubic meter of fuel is AZN 0.45 (USD 0.26).

Source: SOCAR Petroleum CJSC

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