Snam to Dispense CNG and LNG at Tamoil Stations in Italy

| Italy: Milan | Source: Snam

Tamoil and Snam image CNG dispenserTamoil Italia S.p.A., a fuel energy provider within the European downstream oil and gas sector and Snam4Mobility, a subsidiary of Snam S.p.A., a European leader of natural gas infrastructure, are collaborating to build a first batch of five natural gas filling stations in Italy, promoting the development of sustainable mobility for cars and trucks throughout the country.

The agreement will see Tamoil and Snam4Mobility collaborate on the design, construction, maintenance and operation of 4 new CNG plants (compressed natural gas) and one new L-CNG plant (liquefied and compressed natural gas) within Tamoil’s Italian distributors network.

The contract is part of Snam4Mobility’s initiative to boost the growth of the CNG and LNG distribution network in Italy, through direct investment and agreements with other operators in the sector. Italy is the European leader in methane mobility, with more than 1 million Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) on the road and over 1,300 service stations, which will increase as a result of Snam’s investments. The company is also investing in the development of biomethane, a zero-CO2 renewable gas produced from urban and agricultural waste.

Tamoil’s offer of products and services for its customers will be strengthened as a result, increasing the number of owned sales points that supply natural gas and further reaffirming its commitment to satisfying Italy’s demand for mobility in all its forms.

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